Identity and Mission

The Muslim Family Education Center Cologne, the Muslim Women’s Education Center Cologne and the Muslim Academy (recognized as a new education center as of 2017) are under the sponsorship of the BFmF e.V. The three education centers are recognized educational institutions under the direction of Muslim women, which are aimed at all women, men and families in compliance with the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). We see ourselves in particular as a bridge between cultures and religions.
With our wide range of offers, we want to enable women, men and families to participate equally in society under the aspect of “diversity as enrichment”. Through education and promotion, we want to motivate them to actively participate and support them in their integration efforts.
Within the framework of the Family Education Center, we have made it our mission to expand the parenting skills of Muslim families in Germany in particular by offering courses for specific target groups. The families are to be supported and relieved in their educational task; in doing so, we make the families strong for a non-violent and respectful upbringing. We would like to give mothers and fathers suggestions on how to organize everyday life and leisure time with their children together. The teaching of intercultural and social skills are key objectives here.
The Women’s Education Center and the Muslim Academy, as general education centers, aim to educate and strengthen adults, especially women, in their personal, social and professional development. We aim at people who, due to their cultural and/or social background, are difficult to be reached by other educational institutions. The initiation of social participation of our participants through education and professional activity is particularly important to us, while valuing and taking into account their personal resources. Furthermore, the educational offer is aimed at professionals, multipliers and interested parties also to expand their intercultural and interreligious education.


As Muslims we stand for equal rights for all people. Our values and actions are based upon Islamic principles which are in accordance with international human rights, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as its notion of democracy, freedom and equal rights.
Appreciation of religious diversity, tolerance in dealing with each other and social solidarity in responsibility before God and creation guide our actions. Equal opportunities, gender equality, non-violent coexistence and the promotion of socially and educationally disadvantaged groups are important to us.


Our clients are the members and the board of the sponsoring association as well as the Ministry of Further Education NRW according to the guidelines, which are implemented and audited by the Landschaftsverband Rheinland and the Regierungspräsident Köln.
Other clients are various public funders and foundations as well as our participants.
On the one hand, these participants are people with a migration background, mainly Muslim women and men of different origins. In total, women and men from about 60 different countries of various religious affiliations take part in our integration courses and seminars for general continuing education and family education. They are mainly in the family phase between the ages of 20 and 40, but we also address older participants. Many participants have not completed vocational training and are unaccustomed to learning; a small number have previous academic training from their home countries.
On the other hand, the educational offer is aimed at individuals, social groups and multipliers, e.g. groups of teachers/students, employees of public authorities, police officers, etc., who participate in our seminars and further training courses as part of inter-cultural opening processes.

General Organizational Goals

We want to
  • awaken learning needs in a targeted manner, enable successful learning processes,
  • help people to help themselves and provide quality educational opportunities make a contribution to people of different origins,
  • religions and cultures living together peacefully in mutual respect, acceptance and tolerance encourage Muslim women and their families in particular to become involved and participate in society on an equal footing. Supporting families and women in difficult life situations and strengthening the educational competence of parents are important to us
  • Keeping an eye on current changes in society, evaluating them and developing appropriate offers if necessary
  • Maintaining the social and political recognition of the institution and securing and expanding its financial basis
  • Remaining a politically and religiously independent organization of Muslim women of different origins


Our team is predominantly made up of Muslim women from different backgrounds, which allows us to reach a wide range of migrant women.
We have a large pool of scientifically trained professionals with a wide range of languages, inter-cultural and interdisciplinary skills.
In addition, we are characterized by empathy and teamwork, flexibility, creativity, high resilience and great commitment.
Due to our special proximity to the target group, we can develop customized offers tailored to the needs and resources of potential participants.


We offer a wide range of courses and seminars in the areas of general continuing education and family education, including:
– Integration courses
– Basic education/graduate courses
– Educational Seminars
– Mother/Child Projects
– Bilingual language development
– Talking circles for women
– Foreign language courses
– Career Orientation
– Politics and society
– Religion und Dialog
– Culture, Creativity, Health
– Educational Consulting
The entire educational program is embedded in the infrastructure of BFmF e.V. (including various counseling services, child/youth care, daycare center, family center, prayer room, cafeteria). Our program is rounded off by labor market-oriented services such as a counseling center for the unemployed, job opportunities supported by the Job Center, and internships.


We are a team of well-trained, predominantly Muslim professionals with a high level of commitment, empathy and inter-cultural skills, who bring with them an immigrant background as well as personal and professional experience. Linguistic diversity, openness, common religious affiliation and diversity shape our self-image.
Furthermore, our facility is characterized by collegial exchange within the team, opportunities for further education and training for employees and a good working atmosphere.
A mindful interaction with each other is an important basis of our cooperation.
The facility has a good participant-oriented infrastructure such as reception with contact persons in different languages, appealing classrooms, modern equipment with materials and media, PC room with Internet access, cafeteria and childcare in generously equipped rooms.
We are broadly networked at the municipal, state and national levels. The continuity of the work is ensured by regulated funding through public grants, support through membership fees and donations, and civic engagement. The integration of the educational institutions into the structure of the supporting association with its board and its members is a supporting element of the work.

Definition of Successful Learning

Our educational work is based on the needs and resources of our target group. Our goal is to improve the lives of our participants by providing them with adequate educational opportunities related to their personal, educational and professional development.
For us, successful learning means that learners can apply what they have learned to the realities of their lives. This goes hand in hand with the practical applicability of what is learned in everyday life and the facilitation of daily living. Learning is successful when it opens people up to new content, topics and insights. This shall be done by overcoming feelings of insecurity and positive perception of one’s own skills and the ability to implement these. This also includes the development of constructive critical thinking skills.
Successful learning also includes the verifiable increase in knowledge, which is demonstrated, among other things, by the acquisition of officially recognized certificates.
The basis for successful learning in the Muslim Women’s Education Center Cologne, the Muslim Academy and the Muslim Family Education Center Cologne is a teaching and learning process that is appropriate to the target