Begegnungs- und Fortbildungszentrum muslimischer Frauen e.V.

About us

The Meeting and Training Center of Muslim Women (BFmF) e.V. was founded in 1996 by Muslim women from various countries of origin. Within 25 years of activity, the empowerment initiative has developed into a large center for social and educational work for all people. As a institution situated in Cologne, we make an important contribution to society due to our educational, advisory, meeting and support services.

We stand for

  • a coexistence of different peoples and religions
  • the right to self-determination and equality for all people
  • democracy and the rule of law
  • We deny any kind of discrimination, racism and violence.

The non-profit, registered association BFmF e.V. is an intercultural center in Cologne. BFmF is also a member of the German Parity Welfare Association (DPWV).

The association is in charge of:

  • three recognized and sponsored educational institutions
    • Muslim women’s education center Cologne (according to §15 / §16 WbG-NRW)
    • Muslim Family Education Center Cologne (according to §15 / §16 WbG-NRW)
    • Muslim Academy (according to §15 / §16 WbG-NRW)
  • free youth welfare according to §75 KJHG
    • day care center for children under 3 years of age and family center
    • midday-care and homework assistance
  • counseling center for unemployed people (ALG II)
  • educational counseling center
  • unemployment advice center (EBS)
  • refugee advice center
  • migration advice center for adult immigrants (MBE)
  • debtor and consumer insolvency advice center
  • schooling check and schooling bonus counseling
  • integration agency
  • measurements for job opportunities (AGH)
  • unemployment center (ALZ)
  • integration and professional language courses from BAMF

These institutions are all funded by various projects through the EU, federal government, local authority and special foundations.