School diplomas

The courses are aimed at girls and women aged 18 and over who, for various reasons, have been unable to obtain a school-leaving certificate at regular schools in Germany or in their countries of origin.
In small groups, we prepare the participants intensively and taking into account their individual learning requirements for the secondary school leaving examinations in grades 9 & 10, which are taken by the Cologne district government as part of the Central Final Examinations.
Our goal is to provide each participant with tailored support so that they can
· receive basic education,
· obtained a qualifying school-leaving certificate,
· learn about and achieves personal career opportunities and
· can thereby successfully develop their individual career prospects.
We contribute through our offer to the fact that the claim to educational justice is also redeemed towards the women who need a more intensive and temporally extensive learning offer due to low educational prerequisites. The fact that this has been successful for years is shown by the numerous successful professional qualifications of our former participants: Pediatric nurse, MTA, PTA, geriatric nurse, nurse, dentist, bus driver, computer scientist and much more.
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Basic education for migrant women / preparatory course for attending secondary school

This course is for immigrant women between the ages of 18 and 45. Prerequisite for participation is German language proficiency at A2 level. In this course, German language skills are intensively promoted and basic knowledge in the subjects of biology, mathematics, history as well as professional knowledge is taught. The participants receive knowledge and support to cope with their daily lives independently and, if they are motivated and cooperate, they can attend the course for the secondary school leaving certificate after grade 9 in the following year.


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