Perspectives in professional life

The counseling service “Perspectives in professional life (PiE)” supports people in career change processes who live and work in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The goal of counseling is to empower those seeking advice in making decisions about their career development. This includes establishing clarity about personal competencies, fostering their professional action skills, and setting short- and long-term goals for professional development.

The consulting offer is basically directed at all persons in professional change processes. Particularly addressed are those returning to work, people with a migrant background, and people who have a job below their actual qualification level. In addition, people with professional qualifications acquired abroad can take advantage of counseling on the recognition of their professional qualifications.

Consulting for professional recognition

Professional counseling is a sub-offer of the “Career Development Counseling” grant program. The ESF-funded support program is aimed at anyone who wants to have their professional qualifications acquired abroad recognized and use them for their professional career. Many people with a migrant background have professional qualifications, the recognition of which can improve the search for a suitable employment relationship that matches the qualification and support professional development up to an appropriate remuneration.

You can discuss your professional situation with qualified consultants and work together to develop goals, opportunities for change and steps for implementation. Consultation can be up to nine hours


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