Debtor and Consumer Insolvency Consulting

Debt is an issue for many people!

In Germany, countless households have fallen into financial distress due to debt. Illness, unemployment, rising rents, accidents, ignorance of structures, short-time work or simply a chain of unfortunate events are the most common triggers for over-indebtedness. Anyone can quickly find themselves in such a situation. People are considered insolvent and over-indebted if they regularly spend more money than they earn. The best thing to do is to take countermeasures at an early stage and seek competent help.

Our consultants offer you expert advice in “debt counseling” and in “consumer insolvency counseling” without cultural barriers in German, Turkish, Arabic and English.

We accompany and support you in this difficult life situation!

All consultations and assistance are treated in strict confidence.

Counseling is free of charge for those seeking help. Please feel free to call us!

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*According to § 305 INSO recognized debtor and consumer insolvency counseling center


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