Seminars & Courses

A variety of seminars and workshops are offered at BFmF e.V. . We focus on the interests and needs of our participants.

Our offer includes:

The seminars are held as half-day, day or weekend events. We also offer excursions and multi-day trips.

Seminars on religious education and dialogue

These seminars are about teaching basic Islamic content and values and reflecting on them in a Western context of life. In addition to promoting dialogue between religions, meeting and exchange are important concerns for us.

We offer dialogue and educational events aimed at all people, as well as individual events and seminars just for Muslim women.


These workshops are aimed at people who experience unequal treatment for various reasons (Muslim*, BIPoC, Black people and others). In the context of open lectures and seminars or closed Safer Space groups, we discuss topics such as racism, neo-racism, post-colonialism, discrimination, etc., as well as ways to resist them and practice self-protection.

Feel free to bring your topics and requests. We look forward to an empowering exchange with you!


Within the framework of our creative offers, different ways of designing and creating can be tried out. From painting and craft workshops to sewing classes, there’s a lot on offer. For example, you can make Ramadan calendars or school bags with your children, or take a sewing class to tailor a new piece of clothing.

We look forward to colorful, diverse artwork!

Health seminars and courses

In our seminars on the subject of health, we provide you with helpful information for a healthy life. Specialist speakers are invited to speak on various topics. In addition, practical tips will be used to discuss various options for health-promoting exercise and nutrition. Mental health will also be addressed. In addition, we offer yoga and sports classes.

Join us, do something good for your body!


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