Family Center / Daycare Amana

Family Center-Amana

As a family center, we have the mission to support families in their special, diverse and individual life situations. Our family center Amana is designed as a “pilot model”, so that a network of cooperations ensures that specific, family-oriented services are provided. In particular, in cooperation with the Family Education Center of the BFmF e.V., we organize various family-supporting counseling and educational services.

Day Care Center Amana

Day Care Center Amana is a daycare center for under 3 year old children with the focus on multilingualism. We understand “multilingualas normality” and work according to the innovative Concept of translanguaging approach. Supervised are our Amana – Kids with a lot of commitment and empathy. Due to our personnel structure, we can offer special multilingual promotion in the languages Arabic, Bosnian, German and Turkish. In addition, our work is shaped by an inclusive, participatory and culturally sensitive attitude, which is based on the real social and cultural environment.of the children and their families. Accordingly, we work according to the lifeworld and situational approach and the Pikler infant pedagogy.

If you would like to get to know our Kita-Amana better, feel free to visit us on our homepage or follow us on Intstagram @kitaamana.


With a great deal of commitment and empathy, our multilingual team currently cares for 24 children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. Our team of specialists consists of social pedagogues, educators, child care workers and a motopedist.


The friendly and age-appropriate rooms invite the children to discover and explore. Our daycare center is spacious and offers plenty of room for movement, creativity as well as relaxation. Our outdoor area designed for U3 children motivates our youngest children to move and explore outdoors. (for rooms see here)


We accept children from 6 months of age. To request a place, parents must register via the Internet portal


As in all daycare centers, a parental contribution is payable to the City of Cologne depending on the parents’ income / Parental contribution for daycare centers.